EMOTIVA - XPA-5 GEN3 Five channel Power Amp.

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  • Refined and optimized dual differential Class A/B topology.
  • New precision engineered chassis w/ solid 15mm milled aluminum faceplate.
  • Modular channel design for increased separation and reliability.
  • The documentation includes basic troubleshooting information and also offer extensive information about properly installing using the equipment.


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All-New, Inside and Out Inside the XPA-5 Gen 2, we’ve refined our classic differential input, fully complementary, short signal path Class A/B topology to deliver a stunningly low noise floor, so low-level detail and dialogue emerge from deep black background. Outside, we’ve added solid machined gold plated RCA jacks, high-quality metal toggle switches, sleeker, refined aesthetics, and a completely new high strength precision chassis for added durability and an even more impressive look in your rack. Far Beyond Any Receiver You can’t compare any receiver to the massive capabilities of the 1200VA toroid transformer and 60,000 fun power supply of the XPA-5 Gen 2. Receivers are usually rated with only a single channel, or with two channels driven, or with some other “burst” power standard that exaggerates what they can really do. The XPA-5 Gen 2 is rated with all channels driven continuously, with no excuses, no compromises, and no double-talk. The bottom line is that the XPA-5 Gen 2 will hit harder, go louder, and deliver the full power and majesty of today’s blockbusters-without a hint of strain or loss of detail or control. The Heart of Your Theater But the XPA-5 Gen 2 isn’t just about power and impact. Behind the massive power supply are five audiophile-grade amplifiers, built using premium components throughout, engineered into a stunningly capable and transparent platform. The result is better fidelity throughout the signal path to faithfully reproduce the enveloping soundstage that high definition movies and music are capable of. Best of all, when it’s time to upgrade, the XPA-5 Gen 2 is part of a modular series of amplifiers that allow you to add on as your needs change. Bring in the new XPA-2 Gen 2 to power the front channels of a 7.1 system, or add two XPA-2 Gen 2’s in Mono block Mode for even more power and dynamics. The XPA-5: legendary power, refined.


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