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  • Leading Technology and High-Quality Construction
  • Full Preamp and Headphone Amp Functionality
  • Advanced Display and Convenience Features


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The Reference-Quality Differential DAC
Now, reference-quality performance is available at a price that won’t break your budget. Emotiva Pro’s all-new Stealth DC-1 provides an accurate, transparent window on your work, coupled with exceptional convenience features that make it the ideal preamp and control center for your analog and digital workflow.

Leading Technology and High-Quality Construction
The Stealth DC-1 uses dual independent AD1955 differential D/A converters, each operated in their highest quality internal differential monaural mode, for the lowest possible noise and distortion, followed by professional-grade LM4562 op-amps in the analog section for maximum fidelity. An advanced switchable asynchronous sample rate converter (ASRC) re-clocks the data at the same sample rate as the incoming signal, to dramatically reduce jitter. You’ll hear what your source really sounds like. Built on high-quality 4-layer FR4 PC boards, using the highest quality parts, including an oversized toroidal power supply with multiple stages of linear regulation, the Stealth DC-1 offers measured and sonic performance that exceeds DACs costing several times more.

Balanced and Single-Ended Outputs
The Emotiva Pro Stealth DC-1 gives you a full range of pro-grade inputs, including galvanically isolated AES/EBU (XLR), Toslink (optical), Coax S/PDIF (RCA), and BNC S/PDIF digital inputs, and a high performance asynchronous USB input. All digital inputs support the complete range of sample rates and bit depths, from 16/44.1 to 24/192, including 24/88 and 24/176.4. The Stealth DC-1 also has one stereo line level analog input; perfect for connecting an external analog line-level source.

Full Preamp and Headphone Amp Functionality
With the DC-1’s inherent performance and capability, we could have stopped there. Instead, we added full preamp functionality with remote control and precision level adjustment. Each channel of the DC-1 is controlled by its own Muses 72320 precision digitally controlled analog ladder volume control, operated in our proprietary dual gain mode, for perfect channel tracking, low noise and distortion, and 0.25dB resolution. You can easily use the DC-1 as a dedicated preamp for a completely digital system. We also added dual headphone outputs powered by i BUF-634 high-current low-distortion output buffers, and driven by our proprietary driver circuitry, which gives you a very low output impedance and a flat, load invariant frequency response. This means the DC-1 drives a wide range of headphones accurately, making it a complete solution when used as a dedicated headphone listening system.

Advanced Display and Convenience Features
With a high-visibility OLED front panel display, details like sample rate and level are available at a glance, while a sophisticated menu system allows you to customize key features of the DC-1 to meet your precise needs. It’s so intelligent, it even allows you to set separate levels for headphone and main output, and retains them independently in memory.

Professional Form Factor
Finally, the Stealth DC-1 is built in a convenient 1U, half rack width, solid steel chassis. This gives it excellent noise immunity,, and the strength to stand up to the rigors of life in a studio – or on the road. The small size makes it easy to place the Stealth DC-1 in a rack, in a carry case, or even on top of a computer or console. The DC-1 is your conduit to musical truth. Nothing more, nothing less.


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