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  • Awesome sound quality – The Big Ego’s cutting edge design and tight manufacturing tolerances ensure that it will make all of your digital audio content sound its absolute best.
  • Makes anything your computer can play sound better – Since your computer thinks of the Big Ego as a sound card, any file or streaming audio that you can play on your computer will work just fine on it.
  • Supports all current sample rates – The Big Ego supports all of the sample rates used by today’s modern digital PCM audio files – from 16/44k CD rips to cutting edge 32/384k super quality downloads.
  • User selectable digital filters – The digital filters a DAC uses have a subtle effect on how it sounds. The Big Ego offers you a choice of three different filters, so you can choose the sonic signature that’s just right for you.
  • Headphone blend mode – The Big Ego’s sophisticated headphone blend mode helps make your headphones sound less like headphones – and more like regular speakers.
  • Excellent specifications – Specifications aren’t everything, especially when it comes to DACs, but the Big Ego has performance specs and sound quality that are both equal to or better than most desktop systems and outboard DACs, even those costing many times its price.
  • Precision lossless volume control – Even at low listening levels the Big Ego’s digitally controlled analog volume control tracks precisely and doesn’t degrade your sound quality.
  • Separate headphone, line level, and digital outputs – Separate headphone and line level analog outputs let you keep your Big Ego connected to your stereo and your headphones at the same time. You can use the Toslink digital output to connect the Big Ego to a digital input on your stereo or another DAC, and you can switch between the analog and digital outputs at the push of a button.
  • Supports both USB Audio Class 1 and USB Audio Class 2 – The Big Ego supports sample rates up to 32/384k on Apple computers without installing any drivers. On Windows computers, you’ll have to install our free UAC2 drivers to play files up to 32/384k; however, if installing drivers is inconvenient, the Big Ego can play files up to 24/96k using our special UAC1 driverless mode.
  • USB powered – The Big Ego runs on the power provided by your computer’s USB port, so there’s no need for external power supplies and power supply cables.
  • Solid metal case – The Big Ego’s solid metal case keeps the delicate circuitry inside safe, and provides excellent shielding against electrical noise.
  • Easy to read LED indicator lights – Bright, easy to read, LED indicators tell you the sample rate of the music Big Ego is currently playing, which UAC mode you’re using, and whether the digital or analog outputs are selected. When you press the button to select a digital filter, the sample rate indicator LEDs temporarily change function to show you which filter is currently selected.


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The quality of modern digital audio files is really amazing – as long as you have the right equipment to play them through. Unfortunately, the hardware in most computers isn’t really optimized for audio playback, so it sets limits on your listening experience. Luckily, there’s an easy solution….

The Emotiva Big Ego USB DAC can turn the mediocre audio coming from your computer into something that actually sounds great. From ordinary streaming videos and MP3 files to high resolution audio downloads; everything sounds better when you have a Big Ego. High resolution downloads sound truly awesome, CD quality files sound great, and even lossy streaming audio will sound better than you ever imagined possible.

You know those hi-res digital downloads that everyone is talking about? You were probably thinking the hi-res digital audio snobs were full of it because you couldn’t tell a difference, even when you were using your fancy reference quality headphones. You asked yourself: “What do they have that I don’t? Magical Ears?” Turns out it was actually pretty simple. It was just a Big Ego. Literally.

No offense to your computer, but with just a simple headphone amp and a low-cost DAC jammed into the case with a bunch of digital circuitry, audio was an afterthought. The Big Ego’s precision USB interface, low jitter clocks, audiophile grade DAC, and direct-coupled audio path, paired with our high performance headphone amplifier, will make your hi-res audio files sound their best.

The Big Ego is so easy to use that you don’t need to be an audiophile know-it-all to set it up. Since your computer sees your Big Ego as a sound card, it can play anything you can play on your computer, from MP3 files and video sound tracks, up to the latest 32/384k hi-res music files. The Big Ego even offers three different selectable digital over-sampling filters, to fine tune the sound just the way you want it. There’s even a sophisticated headphone blend mode to make your headphones sound more like speakers in a normal room.

Feel like using your Big Ego to play your computer audio over your existing home audio or hi-fi system? No problem. The Big Ego will convert your computer audio into high quality digital or analog audio streams that are compatible with virtually any sound system.

With a Big Ego, you’re in Control.


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