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Perfect if you want to switch between the rear surround theatre signal and your distributed audio signal on the same speakers.


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The SL-One permits one set of stereo speakers to be switched automatically between two stereo amplifiers, replacing manually operated A/B switches. Exclusive microprocessor controlled system ensures precision timing and switching accuracy. Dual relays handle music power levels up to 150 Watts per channel and isolated ground paths permit use of BTL amplifiers. Status LEDs indicate which amplifier is active and a status output jack permits triggering of local devices.


  • Dual Relays Handle Music Power Levels up to 100 Watts
  • Octal Switch Provides Precision Delays from 0.5 Seconds to 5 Minutes to Handle Virtually Any Music Energy Interval Without False Switching
  • Sense Level Permits Adjustment to Accommodate a Wide Range of Music Level Conditions for Best Switching Threshold
    B Status 3.5mm Output Jack Provides 12V Trigger to Local Devices (Lighting, Shades, etc.) Where Desired
  • Isolated Ground Paths Permit Use of BTL (Bridged) Amplifiers
  • PS-1.0 Power Supply Required (Not Included)


Delay Range, uPC Controlled 0.5 Sec. to 10 Min.

Sensitivity Range 30mV to 300mV

Max. Music Power Handling 150 Watts

Independent Grounds for BTL Amps

Dual Relays Contact Rating 30V @ 2 A

B Status Output Voltage 12V DC @ 10 mA

9V DC @ 100 mA Max

Power Requirements 12V DC @ 120 mA

Power Jack 2.1mm, center pole positive


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