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Designed for beautifully natural sound in the tradition of Yamaha’s premier speaker range, the NS-F500 produces transparent and deep sound qualities with tight bass and a sense of rich detail and warmth.


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The aim: Listening pleasure that draws you back again and again

The 500 Series continues the design tradition of Yamaha’s renowned Soavo HiFi speakers: transparency and depth of sound, deep and tight bass, and a sense of rich detail and warmth.

A world of sound that deeply satisfies and is sure to fire your imagination.

Interior-friendly design and color options

There’s an organic feeling to the design of the NS-500, almost a sense of creation by nature.

The rounded-corner design does away with sharp edges.

Like a violin, the construction focuses totally on sound quality.

Like a piano, the front baffle of the assembled unit is coated with in a lustrous glossy finish.

And a choice of three colors assures a match with any decor.

The NS-500: an expression of pure Yamaha craftsmanship.

DC-Diaphragm™ tweeter for aural spaciousness and dimension


The voice coil for the tweeter is wound directly over the aluminium-magnesium alloy diaphragm, using precise manufacturing technology.

This design provides a smooth reproduction of a dynamic audio spectrum. It also eliminates the effects of mechanical strain and adhesive bonding between separate components, preserving every delicate nuance of the sound.

A-PMD cone and solid rubber surround for warm, natural sound

The mid-range and woofer units employ Yamaha’s own A-PMD (Advanced PolymerInjected Mica Diaphragm) cones, a technology that combines the light weight of paper cones with the strength of resin cones. The surrounds are made of selected solid rubber.

Together with the large diameter magnet structure, this assures tight, deep, detailed sound for a superb listening experience.

Specially designed spiked feet for better sound

A speaker’s physical relationship to the floor below it is one key to its sound.

For this reason the NS-F500 utilizes newly designed spikes to assure a stable, optimal footing-another example of the lengths to which Yamaha goes in the pursuit of sound.

Non-magnetic shielded for clear initial sound

The entire unit is non-shielded, achieving impressively clear audio without distortion from magnetic shielding circuits.

Aluminium diecast basket for further sound refinement

The 13cm mid-range and 16cm woofer drivers employ the same type of solid aluminum diecast basket used in the flagshipSoavo-1 drivers.

This extremely rigid design enables the NS-F500 to deliver sonic information and sound quality above Its class.

Musical instrument-inspired Soavo-style cabinet construction

A speaker cabinet needs to convey the full weight of its sound output without any unwanted resonances.

Because all corner areas need to be particularly strong, Yamaha employs its traditional three-way mitered joint construction, based on the use of a wedge along the joint.

Slanted partitions and a vertical ladder provide additional bracing, for outstanding overall rigidity.

The design even incorporates interior wooden blocks inspired by the bass bar used in violin construction.

The result is pure, clear sound, free of any extraneous resonance.

Square voice coils for dynamic bass

To maximize driving power, a square voice coil is used for the woofer driver. This increases the surface area by 27% and space factor by approximately 30% when compared to conventional designs.


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