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  • Audiophile quality short signal path Class A/B topology.
  • Massive toroidal power supply for plenty of power to drive difficult loads.
  • Full sized heavy duty five-way binding post speaker terminals.
  • Digitally controlled analog volume control offers precise repeatable control and
    superb channel tracking with vanishingly low noise and distortion.
  • Two stereo inputs with manual or automatic input switching.
  • Manual, triggered, or automatic power switching.
  • A full function IR remote control and wired IR and RS-232 remote control inputs.
  • Small footprint (only 3” high; two fit side by side in a 2 RU rack space).
  • Two Fusion Flex Amplifiers can be mounted side by side in a single 2 RU rack space with the optional dual rack mount kit.
  • Buffered loop output allows easy daisy chaining to more amplifiers.
  • Automatic turn-on and input selection options make the Fusion Flex Amp perfect for a second zone or remote location.
  • User selectable AC line voltage; 115 VAC or 230 VAC.


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The Fusion Flex Amplifier offers a combination of audiophile sound quality and features far beyond what you might expect from a ­­­“little amplifier”. With its beefy toroidal transformer power supply and classic short signal path Class A/B output topology, the Fusion Flex Amp delivers pristine power, even into difficult loads. However, what really sets the Fusion Flex Amp apart from the pack is the wide variety of convenience and automation features that make it the go-to amp for high quality “zone amp” and remote amplifier applications.

Dual line level inputs let you connect two separate audio sources; and you can switch between them using the front panel controls, the remote control, or the IR and RS-232 remote control inputs – or you can set the Fusion Flex Amp automatically switch to the active input! You can turn the Fusion Flex Amp on manually via remote control, or using the standard trigger input – or it can be set to switch on automatically when it senses an audio signal. The digitally controlled analog volume control offers precise control, near perfect channel tracking, and very low noise and distortion. You can operate the Fusion Flex Amp from the front panel, or from any of the remote control options, and a row of LEDs let you see where your volume is set from across the room. You can also use the buffered loop outputs to daisy chain together more Fusion Flex Amps to easily drive additional zones without signal loss or degradation. The Fusion Flex Amp can be run from any standard 115 VAC or 230 VAC power line, and has a very quiet thermally-activated fan that only runs when absolutely necessary, and its diminutive size makes it easy to find a home for it in any cabinet or rack.

The Fusion Flex Amp really is the perfect solution – whether you simply need a high quality remote controlled integrated amplifier for a small bedroom or office system, or you need a fully featured zone amp that can provide really excellent sound quality, and integrate easily with your other remote controlled devices and audio systems.


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