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  • Best-in-class design and sound quality – same superior, fully discrete design and high-quality parts as its big brothers.
  • Flexible turn on – audio sensing turn on or external trigger.
  • Front panel volume control allows you to use the a-100 as an integrated amplifier or control zone levels.
  • Heavy duty power supply with large toroidal transformer.
  • Temperature activated forced air cooling – put the a-100 almost anywhere.
  • Loop output allows easy daisy chaining multiple units.
  • Full sized 5-way binding posts make it easy to attach heavy gauge wires, lugs, or banana plugs.
  • Dual colour, illuminated ring on the volume control indicates power, fault, or standby status.
  • New sophisticated Gen 2 styling.
  • User selectable AC line voltage; 115 VAC or 230 VAC.


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Emotiva Flex Mini-XA100 Stereo Amplifier with its compact design compliments your space and theme, yet with high-end stereo system. Place it with your desktop system or set it as second audio zone, the Flex Mini-XA100 full-fills most demanding audiophile.

We created the mini-X a-100 with the same design and engineering standards as our full-size amplifiers. The a-100 delivers 50 watts/channel of honest power – and it does so effortlessly, with superb sound quality and lively dynamics that will satisfy the most demanding audiophile. Along with its great sound, the mini-X a-100 has the flexibility you need, including a front panel volume control, trigger inputs and outputs, automatic turn-on, and buffered line level outputs for easy daisy-chaining.


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