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Terra interconnect utilizes Wireworld’s Flexi-Flat cable design for a clean and dynamic sound at the price of generic cables. Terra is an extremely flexible cable with dimensions of only 3.0mm x 10.0mm.


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WireWorld Terra 7 Analogue Interconnects

Terra interconnects take the dynamic sound of WireWorld’s Flexi-Flat DNA cable design all the way down to the price of generic cables. The Terra features mounded gold plated plugs. They let installers provide their customers with a very-high-quality cable in a fraction of the time it takes to terminate conventional twisted-pair speaker wire or zip cord.

The outer sheath of the Terra cable is rounded to facilitate pulling in-wall cable runs, but the conductors are a unique Flexi-Flat design made of oxygen-free-copper with a cross-sectional area equivalent to a conventional 16-gauge round conductor. Each conductor is insulated in polyethylene to reduce capacitance and dielectric absorption for cleaner high frequencies, while maintaining fidelity. The proprietary conductor design provides uniform series impedance for superior fidelity, even over long runs. Developed through objective perceptual testing, this design minimizes inductive losses to produce dramatic improvements in clarity, dynamics and spatial effects.


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