CHORD - Leyline Speaker Cable

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copper conductors

low smoke zero halogen

polyeth insulation

twister pair configuration

1.5mm diameter multi strand oxygen free

low smoke zero halogen crush resistant outer jacket

discreet 6mm diameter


Out of stock


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Product Overview:

Chord Leyline is a good all round speaker cable and it’s been designed to work particularly well over long lengths. We’ve heard serious music systems connected with 30 metre runs of Leyline speaker cable and sounding really good.

The key to this excellent performance over long runs is the plating process applied to the oxygen free copper conductors.  This helps Leyline to carry the precious audio signal with minimal loss and that’s what makes Leyline such a good choice for high quality multi room installations.

Leyline is more than a good cable for multi room and home cinema systems though.  Its size and its performance means it works very well with compact hi-fi systems and it’s a brilliant way of boosting the performance of some of the lifestyle home cinema systems available.  Even those systems with impossibly small looking speakers can be improved with a cable like Leyline.

Leyline is white and has a diameter of only 6 mm, making it really easy to install and simple to hide out of view.   It is easy to hear the improvement and hard to see the cable!


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