Dynaudio - IP24 In Wall Speaker (Pair)

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The Dynaudio IP 24 in-wall is the world’s first true audiophile reference architectural loudspeaker, bringing Dynaudio’s legendary quality and performance into the custom audio arena.

A significant investment in research and development resulted in innovative new drivers with ultra-specific parameters specifically engineered for optimum perfomance in an in-wall mounting application.

For the baffle Dynaudio didn’t use the ubiquitous plastic either: CNC-machined from MDF, the baffle provides the perfect resonance-absorbing base for the drivers and crossover. With the IP 24 Dynaudio offers one of the most advanced frame constructions of the install speaker market. 

In order to achieve the outstanding Dynaudio performance the IP 24 employs a large bass/midrange driver whose light cone material is made from Magnesium Silicate Polymer (MSP), its shape optimized for ideal sound dispersion. The large, yet extremely light voice-coil, in combination with the power magnet system, provides precise and deep bass response. 

The specially coated soft-dome tweeter caters for the treble region and at even very high frequencies or high levels it remains free of distortion or the typical edginess of lesser quality tweeters. The crossover with its selected components ensures a well balanced, homogenous sound. In addition, the tweeter level can be adjusted in three steps for ideal adaptation to the room. 

Pre-Construction Brackets are available to better facilitate new construction installations of Dynaudio IP 17 and IP 24 Inwall models, by working both as a template as well as a structural support for the installation.

The brackets serve as a guide to the installer in order to help ensure that the loudspeaker cut-out holes are in the desired location upon completion of the building work. Unlike many pre-construction brackets, Dynaudio use sturdy corrosion protected metal rather than plastic for a perfect fit. 


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