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CANTON - CM90 5.1 Surround Sound Package + YAMAHA RXV479 AV Receiver

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Key Features

• Sophisticated 5.1 Complete pacakge

• High-capacity active subwoofers

• Great variety of different materials

• Magnetically shielded

• Made in Germany


Front- and rear loudspeakers

Our front loudspeakers come in the form of columns or compact satellites, turn the room into a stage and guarantee a broad range of sound. The rear loudspeakers in satellite format give the sound spatial depth and ensure impressive sound effects.


Large center speaker

The central speakers are the stars of any home cinema system. They transmit up to 70 % of the film and music information and their wide dispersion characteristics provide an optimal sound experience plus outstanding speech intelligibility in all situations.


Powerful active subwoofer

The generously dimensioned subwoofer with its high capacity digital amplifiers and long-throw speaker systems convey the emotion in our movie systems and ensure a solid bass foundation. Thanks to a range of different settings they can be adjusted to suit spatial conditions and personal listening tastes.



The Moviemount wall mounting supplied makes it easy to mount the satellites securely on the wall.





Out of stock


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