CHORD - HDMI Active Resolution high speed HDMI cable with Ethernet V2

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  • New active chipset designed to bring improvements to both picture and sound.
  • High speed with Ethernet supports 1080p, 3D, 4K video, Ethernet and audio return
  • New heavier gauge conductors for all critical signal paths.
  • Gas foamed polyethylene insulation.


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Product Overview:

The Chord Active Resolution HDMI cable version 2 uses silver-plated oxygen free copper signal conductors.  All lengths now feature heavier gauge silver-plated conductors.  Silver-plated conductors are a very good way to carry a high speed signal.  Insulation is low loss gas foamed polyethylene and all critical signal conductors are shielded with high frequency effective shielding.


The Plugs

The Active Resolution is fitted with a die-cast gold-plated HDMI plug with a metal body to improve shielding.  This is particularly important because the receive end of the cable has a signal enhancing network chipset that significantly improves sound and picture quality.  This means that it is important to note the direction arrows on the cable when installing.


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