ScreenScience - 120″ Digital Grey High Contrast Fixed Frame screen

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Screen Science Digital Grey gives a bright punchy image. Three unique optical coatings provide blacker blacks and vibrant colour reproduction. All this and it maintains a genuine usable viewing angle. Ambient light rejection allows for an enjoyable cinema experience in low level lighting. Permanant flat, wrinke free surface provides the ultimate cinema experience.

•Enhanced contrast and better colour saturation
•160 degrees viewing angle
•Accurate colour reproduction
•Optimised for the latest high resolution DLP/LCD projectors •Perfect flat viewing surface – never wrinkles

•No cumbersome assembly – Screen ready to mount •Strong lightweight construction
•Ready to hang out of the box
•Simple DIY fixing bracket

•Elegant 50 mm Matte black or velour flock frame


Out of stock


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Beyond a bright, uniform image exhibiting true colour fidelity, contrast is the most important element affecting viewing experience. If shadows aren’t dark, image depth is ‘washed out’ and the magic of the cinema experience is diminished. Black isn’t a colour and can’t be projected onto your screen.  ‘Black’ is really the  absence of light so a screen surface’s ambient light management is important.

Grey screens can improve picture quality in viewing rooms where moderate levels of incidental light cannot be avoided such as reflected light from brightly painted walls and ceiling.  They assist contrast producing darker blacks in ambient light conditions although it is important to balance trade offs between contrast and colour fidelity – especially in the reproduction of realistic skin tones.

‘Digital Grey’ represents Screen Science’s best balance between  blacks and bright punchy colours whilst retaining great skin-tone reproduction. A colour-corrected grey coating improves black-levels, enhances contrast and colour saturation but copes with incidental viewing room light.  While most grey screens have a low gain of 0.8 or less, Digital Grey achieves a remarkable gain of 1.2 making it 50% brighter than typical grey screens.


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