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The Solo bar and Solo sub are designed to offer unrivalled performance and class leading specifications. Extremely rigid materials and high quality construction methods have been incorporated into both products to prevent and dispel resonance, which can colour and distort the sound.


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Subtle yet powerful, the Arcam Solo sub provides real impact without compromise.

Connect to the Solo Bar, wirelessly
A unique feature with the Arcam Solo sub is the ability for it to wirelessly connect up to the matching Solo bar. Once the bar and sub have been paired, the connection will always be remembered, giving a reliable wireless link. Should you prefer cables, there’s a single RCA phono option. If you’re using the subwoofer as part of another system, the wired connection becomes the standard link.

300W – power to spare
Boasting a mighty 300W, the Arcam Solo sub has power to spare. This means the Solo sub can effortlessly reach the lowest bass notes and easily sustain them. Watching movies becomes a physical experience, with the sub able to rattle the windows, while with music, the Solo sub is perfectly capable of playing a more subtle tune, only making its presence felt when the music requires it.

Fast, defined bass
The 10″ long-throw bass cone doesn’t just produce bass that’s deep and effortless, it’s equally well controlled and defined, too. Unlike lesser subwoofers, the bass notes are textured and sound like true instruments rather than a vague ‘boom’ sound.

Comprehensive control
Thanks to a range of adjustable settings, the Solo sub will work well in a variety of systems and settings. The crossover features two variable controls for highly accurate system matching. The standard crossover cut-off enables the subwoofer to cut in anywhere from 35-160Hz, while a crossover Q control adjusts the slope of the cut-off. This can be set to varying degrees of ‘steepness’, depending on how you’ve set up your AV receiver. A phase switch optimises the sound for front or rear room placement and there’s auto on/off.

Power is nothing without control but, with the Arcam Solo sub, you get them both!


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